Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Is This Real Life? (I Made the Team!)

So, a few weeks ago I wrote a post about how to secure ambassador and sponsorship positions as an Age Group triathlete. I had just received my notice from Moxie Cycling that I made their inaugural ambassador team, and I was so excited to have the support of a brand I truly do love (and wear SO OFTEN my tan line warranted the selection of a racer back wedding dress to hide it!)

I'm a #MoxieCyclingAmbassador, and it's pretty sweet!
In that post, I expressed the importance of apply-apply-apply, because you never know who will accept you! This fall, I saw that my friend KBG of Some Random Thursday had put up a post about an elite team looking to expand their Age Group component to their program in 2016. I thought, hey, why not apply? I'd had some solid finishes by now in my tri career, might as well see what happens.

Then this week, I get an email and CONGRATS, I'm one of 20 people across the country (and 1 of only 8 women) to have made the team!

Do what?! I have never been on a real team in my life! For anyone who knew me in high school, I was the marching band nerd (go, nerds!) who only made the varsity soccer team because our school was so small we didn't have enough players and I'm tall and look scary when I get competitive.

Well, sure enough, it's real life! I've made the age group team for Maverick Multisport!

What does this mean? I'll be donning the Maverick kit at a minimum of 5 triathlons this year, and bringing a little mud to their lives with my XTERRA adventures. I'll be on a roster of teammates that range from age groupers like me intermingled with an impressive list of amazing elite athletes. Maybe some of their speed will rub off on me- we all know I could use it on the run!

It also means that I'll be adding a few more races to my calendar. My first commitment was to Moxie, and I honor my commitments. My position with them is not as an athlete on a team, but an "ambassadorship," however, it's more than other ambassador programs I've been involved with (in a great way!). This distinction, though, is what allows me to be able to do both, whereas if it were a team or direct sponsorship, that wouldn't be possible.

This team opportunity is one I didn't expect, but thankfully the team at Moxie is just as supportive of women building their athletic careers as I am. I promised to represent them, and I will. The details are being hammered out, but it looks like I'll be adding another XTERRA, and possibly two sprint tris so that I can fulfill my racing obligations for Maverick, and my promotional ones for Moxie, without sacrificing the expectations either group has for me.

So much for a smaller season next year! However, I'm actually looking forward to it. Last season was toooooo much racing of the same thing: same courses, same venues, same distances. I feel with mixing non-competitive rides and runs, as well as adding XTERRA in to the schedule, I'll have variety, keeping what could be very routine fresh and exciting.

My fiance asked me, while I was telling him about both opportunities, what I want next. Where is this going? I don't have the speed or natural talent to be a pro- they blow me out of the water. I got both of these chances because I seize opportunities, and because I'm not afraid to ask and see what happens. I'm good at marketing, and good at making things I already love and support work for me, too. What's next? I love this sport, and I love being put in a position where I can inspire and encourage others to find what they're passionate about and work at it- whether triathlon, cycling, or just exploring the outdoors. These teams and ambassadorships elevate the platform I have to spread that message, so I'll go as far as I can if it means reaching more women who may not have previously thought it possible to get started.

Promo video for the team! 

Three years ago this spring, I had never raced in my life. I had never called myself an athlete. I had never imagined I could win series', win championships, or go to Worlds. Now, in 2016, with these two amazing groups behind me, I've got it in me to dream big and see where it takes me!

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