Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Stop Tripping Over Your Bikes: Clug Bike Hook Review

So I'm a member of an awesome women's triathlon Facebook group called Ironwilled: Women Who Tri (If you're a lady who does tris, come join us!) and as we were creating a post to collect links for Black Friday sales, one of the members mentioned a product I'd never heard of- a Clug bike hook.

The Mr. and I have 4 bikes, soon to be 5. I have a tri bike and a mountain bike, he has a mountain bike and a road bike, and I'm buying a road bike for the spring when I can commute to work again. We live in a pretty tiny 3 bedroom house that is full of us, our crap, our dogs, and not a lot of space, and for the past year we have just been stacking our bikes in layers on the walls.

Clug has changed that, and it's been such a relief to the clean-freak in me, that I'd venture to say it's changed my life! (Seriously, only a slight hyperbole!) To be clear, they have not asked me to do a review nor did they send me a free product. I just honestly think they're super cool and want to share the discovery!

Clugs are a little bitty plastic hook that you screw in to your wall (using drywall anchors if you put them on drywall), snap on a cover, and go. They're super simple.

One of mine, they come in sizes for roadies, hybrids, and MTB
 One of the best things about these is the packaging! They were really smart and economical when they designed it. The box folds open to a pre-made stencil- all you have to do is line it up with your bike tire were you want to put it on the wall, tape the box, drill holes, and you're set! The roadies come with screws, drywall screws, and instructions. The MTB hangers do not have drywall screws but you NEED them, so we went out and bought them. No big deal, but it would have been nice to have those included for my heavier bikes.

Smart packaging with easy to read instructions
 Like I said, we have a stable of bikes that will probably only get bigger and live in a tiny house. These let me get them up off the floor and put away in the guest bedroom where they're out of the way, but easy to get to without having to move all your other bikes. The Mr.'s 29er is pretty dang heavy, and this hook has no problem holding it.

 To put your bike in, you just place the front tire in the gap and push, and to remove it, you just pull. They're sturdy, and just tight enough to get a good grip without feeling like you're going to break them. You do have to use the front tire, because if you try to use the back tire, the bike will fall over. I bet if I figured out a strap to fix the front tire to the frame, I could alternate directions and place them even closer together, but well....I didn't feel like it!

Up close look at the roadie on my 700c 23mm tires and the MTB on my 27.5 , wide MTB tires
 The only wish I have for these is that they'd be capable of actually suspending your bike. I had a spot picked out above a closet in my "pain cave" (ie: the office) that would have had more space and avoided crowding a bedroom, but the back tire has to rest on the ground. They do provide a little pad to keep your tire from marking up your wall. They don't stick awesomely to drywall, but they work well enough.

Up close on the 29er tire
 Lastly, their customer service is great. The first order I placed was out in a flash and in my mailbox in like 3 days. I placed a second order because I loved them, and noticed that although I got an email saying shipped, the tracking status never changed. I contacted customer service and heard back from them within an hour. They explained the color I wanted was suddenly back ordered, and let me pick a different one that they sent with expedited shipping for free. The woman I spoke with was nice and helpful, even though it was peak holiday rush time.

I seriously love these things. If you're a bike rancher yourself, and need a solution to having a herd of bikes block your route through the house, try them out!

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