Monday, November 30, 2015

2016 Race Schedule

When I signed my contract with team Moxie Cycling last week, they asked for my race schedule. That made me think, huh, maybe I should think about that! So far, here is what I've come up with. This year will be different than last season, as it will be fewer traditional triathlons, more spaced out through the cooler parts of the year, and I'll be giving myself an actual break after my Ironman! I am really looking forward to these challenges, and looking forward to any excuse to keep putting miles on my mountain bike. (No offense to my sweet, sweet Felt!)

February 14- Austin Half Marathon: (13.1 road running miles)  Although I've run the full version of this race, this year's event is a bit more special. First of all, I am raising money for the charity I work for, Family Eldercare, through the #AustinGivesMiles program. This is our first year as a charity beneficiary of the race, and it's been a lot of fun organizing a team! (Click the link to support my fundraiser!)Second, and more importantly, this race will be the FIRST long distance race my mommy has ever run! She has been training hard for the past couple of months and continues to improve every day. I'm so proud of her, and can't wait to cross the finish line with her!

March 6 (I think)- Dirty Du (5k trail run, 12mile MTB ride, 5k trail run) This is going to be my first completely off-road multi sport event! My off-season has been focusing on trail running and mountain bike riding, so I thought I'd check out how my skills have progressed in a race setting. My good friend Tasha will be doing it with me, and we'll hopefully get to camp as well, so it should be a fun weekend!

March 26-27 RAAM Texas 400 Challenge (400 mile road cycling 2-person relay race) This will be my and Sandra's first attempt at an ultra cycling event. We had originally set out to do the 400 miles each by ourselves, but have decided to instead race as a relay team. Our plan is to switch out ever 25-30 miles and try to be the fastest female relay team out there! I'll be representing Team Moxie Cycling and our own little team of girlfriends, the Blistered Sisters.

April 2- Xterra Bluebonnet Tri (no distances listed that I can find, but roughly an Oly tri but off-road) This will be my first Xterra race and I'm pretty excited about it. Xterra races are an open water swim, mountain bike ride, and trail run- a different twist on normal triathlons. This one takes place at a MTB park near my house I've never been to during the prettiest part of the year- wildflower season! I'll be representing Team Moxie Cycling again, just on a different bike!

April 30- Gettin' Murrrieeedddd (probably a 5k in the morning!) Not a race, but a pretty darn big deal! My biggest supporter, race sherpa, coach, sports therapist, and masseuse in one has decided he'd like to keep me around, even though I make him work really hard!

 May 7- Shiner GASP Century (100 mile road cycling ride) I've done this event for the past two years and look forward to doing it again! It's a great 100 mile ride with what I hope are better road conditions this year as construction should be done. The after-party can't be beat- tons of free Shiner, BBQ, shower trucks, and a ride home on a charter bus to sleep off that beer and BBQ. Let's see if Bryce can get the full 100 miles this year without a flat!

 June 4- Grand Teton Half Marathon (13.1 mile road running race) Put on by the same company that did the Yosemite Half, this race will NOT be all downhill, so I don't expect another staggering PR. However, Wyoming is simply the most amazing place I've ever lived, and I am thrilled to finally be going back for a visit. I plan to backpack 3 days before the race, run, sleep in, and head home full of the same love for the mountains as always. I can't wait!

  July 9- Xterra Magnolia Hill (no distances listed that I can find, but roughly an Oly tri but off-road) Similar to the Bluebonnet race above, this one is in Navasota, so it's close enough that my mom could come watch if she wanted to. It'll be in the height of summer and one month before my Ironman, so it should be perfect timing to do a FUN race and shake it out before taper crazies set in.

 August 7- Ironman Boulder 140.6 (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile road cycling, 26.2 mile road running, vomit likely) I am signed up to race this with Sandra as well, who will be doing it as her first Ironman. She is going to whip my butt, because she's an awesome athlete and a much better runner than me, but I hope to keep up as close as I can! We are both training with the Runner's World "Run Less, Run Faster" plan so I'm hoping for a sub 6-hour marathon at least, since 7 hours at Texas was just embarrassing, even for me and my lackluster running. I'll be training in the Texas heat, so I'm hoping going to this race where it will likely be in the 80s and not 100s will help me push harder and vomit just a little less.

 November 19- Spirit Ride (74 mile road cycling ride) Not only is my cool mom getting in to running, she wants a bike, too! We plan on getting her one in the Spring and I'm going to help her train to ride this ride, which benefits the Crime Stoppers in Livingston, the town I grew up in. She can totally do it, I have no doubt, and I look forward to seeing my hometown from a new perspective.

2016 is going to be a great year!

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