Friday, March 14, 2014

Endure Race Displays

        I was going to wait until I had a few more made, but I just can't hold in my excitement! Bryce and I were brainstorming the other night about a way I could start a small business that would allow me to use all my racing to my advantage- not only during tax-time (yea, hello April coming up!) but also as a way to help the charities I love and be creative.

         So here it is! I present Endure Race Displays :

(I am really proud of this logo- made it myself! The font and the theme are inspired by my wrist tattoo I got after the Austin 70.3)
 Last summer I wanted a way to display my medals and bibs from races, but when I got online, I couldn't find one that would display both together for under $40! I don't have a lot of spare cash around, but I do love crafting and am pretty handy with a hot-glue gun, so I went to Hobby Lobby and decided to get creative. I was really pleased with my end result! I can stack all my bibs neatly under the ribbons, and hang as many medals as I want without hooks crinkling the ribbons or things getting tangled, and WITHOUT having to pay $40+ for a metal hanger. There are a few quirks with this first model, but as I get going making more (hey hey runner friends- guess what you're getting for your birthdays! ;) ) I think they're going to be really cool!

The best part is, I'm donating $3 from each purchase to EITHER the ALS Association for Cowboys Against ALS, OR Austin Pets Alive. There will be more about that in next week's post I hope, because I've got some really exciting things brewing that need to be finalized before I announce.

 I make each item to order and use supplies I buy locally, so if you have a request for a specific color, pattern, etc. just let me know and I can probably make it happen! Frame fits both large and small bibs, and will hold as many medals as can fit on the rod- I hung mine with one of those Hercules hooks and it's working great. To hang a medal, you simply unloop one end of the rod, slide your medal on, and re loop it. Frame is an 8x10" opening, so total dimensions are about 10x14"

All of them are going to be completely custom made, and I can't wait to see what people want! I can do anything on them- even keep the wood natural and wood burn a design. Quotes, names, distance numbers, the sky's the limit!

Keep me in mind when you want an affordable, hand-made, custom gift for your runner, triathlete, rodeo, swimming, or other active friend, or if you're tired of seeing your own medals in a heap somewhere. 

Be proud of your feat of endurance, no matter the distance! Any time you challenge yourself and reach new goals, it's time to show off and be proud, even if they're hanging in your home office and you and the dogs are the only ones who see them (like at my house), it's still a great, affirming feeling when you need a lift to see your accomplishments on display. Spread the word!

 From the listing on Etsy:

Options you need to indicate in your buyer comments:
1. Frame Color
2. Rod Color
3. Rod ends- I can cover with flat rhinestones, or add something more ornate. (If it's available at Hobby Lobby, let me know and I can make it work!)
4. Ribbon- color/pattern/etc.
5.Letter color
6. The frame can be painted OR Stained with wood-burned lettering
7. Wording- I can do quotes, names, etc. for no extra charge. Some editing may be necessary in order for it to fit, so if you have questions, ask before ordering!
8. Stain Color- if I am wood-burning rather than painting, indicate natural finish, light stain, medium (cherry) stain, or dark.
9. Frame back material- burlap, cotton fabric, etc.
10. Charity Choice! Choose to donate $3 of your purchase to the ALS Association via Cowboys Against ALS OR the no-kill Shelter Austin Pets Alive through my Reason 2 Race team.

The frame in the picture is my person frame. As an example, that order would look like this:

1. Frame Color- Light Blue
2. Rod Color- White
3. Rod ends- 3 piece rhinestone
4. Ribbon- pink and white chevron
5. Letter Color- pink with pink glitter
6. Painted frame
7. Wording- "Train Like a Girl"
8. Stain color- NA
9. Frame back material- burlap
10. Charity Choice- ALS Association

This blog is following my training as I get ready for the Athleta eSprit de She event season. Three events happen in Texas, the Duathlon in Dallas, the Katy 5k & 10k, and the Cycle Tour in Austin. I'll be doing Austin and Dallas, come join the fun! Enter Comp Code EDS57 for the chance to win some cool prizes!

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