Thursday, March 27, 2014

Another Reason 2 Race

           I have been working for the past couple of weeks and am elated to finally announce the news!

      This September I will be competing in the Onalaska Half Triathlon, and the organizers are partnered with a great group called Reason 2 Race. This allows athletes to set up their own fundraising page, much like I did last year for the ALS Association, to go along with a specific race they are competing in.

       I noticed on the site a Houston-area rescue group was featured, and couldn't help but think that my favorite shelter in Austin, Austin Pets Alive, could really benefit from a campaign like this, so I contacted them to see if they were interested. While they were unable to become full partners this year with Reason 2 Race, they were really excited about the idea of forming a racing "team" and we all three worked to set up a team page and get me signed up.

  Presenting: My Reason 2 Race! 

From my page:

In order to [keep training for a full Ironman], I wanted to find another half Ironman event to participate in, and the Onalaska Triathlon worked out perfectly. I grew up in Livingston, TX where the lake got its name, and I know my parents would love to be able to cheer me on so close to home. I am looking forward to September, and so stoked I get to raise money for Austin Pets Alive along the way!
My dog, Oreo, and me!

Austin Pets Alive is an amazing organization that focuses on saving companion pets from euthanasia by bringing them to their no-kill shelter, rehabilitating them, and then finding them forever homes. They have done amazing work, so much amazing work that Austin is now almost entirely a no-kill city! I personally have worked with their dog behaviorist, Mike, and know the amazing transformations they can make. These scared, rejected, abused animals go in to the shelter and find so much love from the staff and volunteers they come out ready to give back that awesome love only dogs can give to anyone willing to give them the chance.

Need proof they're doing good works? In 2008, there were 9,946 animals put down at the Austin Animal Center, Austin's main shelter. After passing a No Kill initiative in 2010, that number has dropped to just 143 in FY 2012!  Through the work of Austin Pets Alive, the save rate in Austin has jumped to over 90%! You can check out the amazing number of animals saved monthly on their website. 
I have two dogs of my own, a Border Collie and a Blue Heeler, and both of them are former shelter dogs. These animals have changed my life for the better every day I’ve had them, and are my biggest fans as they race along the fence when I run or ride back home down our driveway. It lifts my heart knowing there are good people doing great things for animals, and Austin Pets Alive is an organization I am proud to support. They are a non-profit that runs on love and volunteers, so they need everything they can get to keep saving lives.
Hammer on his way home from the shelter his first day!

If you are interested in donating, please visit the page and click "Sponsor me." Any amount helps, as every single dollar goes to helping pets in need! My goal is $1,000, and with all my pet-loving friends out there, I bet we can pass that goal with flying colors.

If you are interested in getting even MORE involved, you can join Team Austin Pets Alive! Click here to join the team! Or, you can always just contact me!
This blog is following my training as I get ready for the Athleta eSprit de She event season. Three events happen in Texas, the Duathlon in Dallas, the Katy 5k & 10k, and the Cycle Tour in Austin. I'll be doing Austin and Dallas, come join the fun! Enter Comp Code EDS57 for the chance to win some cool prizes!

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