Thursday, March 13, 2014

Headsweats Review

            This is a post I have been meaning to do for a while and finally have the chance! At the end of last year, I applied to be an Ambassador for Headsweats, the company that supplied the finisher hats for the Austin 70.3. Unfortunately, all of their spots were already full, but a really sweet employee was touched by the mission of Cowboys Against ALS and sent me a (pink!) hat to show their support! It was a really nice gesture that Headsweats went out of their way to make, and I'm so glad they did because I love my hat!

           I have two Headsweats hats- one is my finisher hat from the Half Ironman, the other the one they sent me, and let me tell you, when you're running in the Texas sun, you need a good head cover, and these are great!
Holding up my Austin Marathon medal in my pink Headsweats hat!
         The hats are light and flexible, but the brim is stiff enough you can shape it how you'd like it. The inside of the hat along the band is a terry cloth-like fabric that absorbs your sweat, so for profuse forehead sweaters like me, there is nothing running down your face!

          The back has an adjustable opening, so pony tails are not a problem. The adjustment ribbon was a little slick on my Ironman hat, and moved when I wore it, but I got it to the perfect spot and dabbed some hot glue on to keep it there, and haven't had a problem since. My pink hat has always stayed put on its own, so maybe the other one was just a fluke.

          The hats are also fully washable, which is awesome because we all know sweaty stuff tends to start stinking, especially after being in my car or my transition bag all day in the heat after a workout- pew!

          The material is breathable, light, and reflective. Parts of my running trails don't have any tree cover, so this is a huge blessing because nothing drains my brain faster than getting zapped by the sun on a long run. As long as I have it out of my eyes, I'm able to keep pushing.

Finishing up the Shiner Beer Run 1/2 Marathon in my Austin 70.3 Hat

            There are a ton of different options on their website, and as soon as I have a bit of extra cash, I am absolutely spending it on this amazing visor with the best logo ever on it. ;)
UT Supervisor- $25

          On a different note, I have at least one, possibly two exciting announcements coming next week! Keep your eyes out, because more big things for great causes are getting started, and I am really pumped!

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