Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week 7 and a Giveaway!

Week 7: Mon- 1,250yd swim, 25 mile bike
               Tue- 1,750yd swim, 6 mile run
               Wed- 30 mile bike
               Thu- 1500 yard swim, 4.5 mile run
               Fri- off
               Sat- 8 mile run
               Sun- 45 miles
Total: 120 miles
Total mileage so far: 681. Equal to driving from Austin, across the state lines, and past Clayton, NM! 

         Wow-ee! I can't believe it, but I have "crossed" the Texas state line! This calls for a celebration!
When I finally reached the Texas state line on my actual drive to Cody, it was definitely a time to get out and do a victory stretch. 
Me, my dog Oreo, and my friend David doing a victory stretch.

          In order to celebrate this mileage milestone-
 It's time for a giveaway!!

        If you've never heard of SpiBelt, that's about to change for the better! SpiBelt was created in beautiful Austin, TX in 2006 when the creator, Kim Overton, got tired of sticking her keys, phone, and other "small personal items" - get it- S.P.I?? - in her bra and shorts and other inconvenient places. She went home and invented the SpiBelt, and the company has grown tremendously from there!
Check out!

         I got my first SpiBelt when I began training for my first half marathon. I run in running tights and capris because they are the most comfortable, however, they don't have pockets! I don't like using an armband for my phone because I got a rash during my first race, and carrying my phone is just a pain in the butt. Enter my awesome pink SpiBelt! 
Check out that pink SpiBelt, carrying all the necessities! Photo by Enduro Photo.

         It works great! I have enough room for my smart phone, two gels, my gym ID, and my car key. I also added a couple of short pieces of elastic and toggles to hold my race bib. I have run two triathlons and one half marathon, and have never had an issue with things bouncing around or getting in my way. The fabric is moisture wicking, so my phone stays safe and dry while playing my tunes. The best thing is, they are very well made. The fabric, zippers, and elastic waistband are all sturdy and durable, making the money you invest in one well worth it, because it will last for miles on miles.

         But of course, what's better than investing in something this cool with your own money? Getting one for free! That's right, SpiBelt has been super-awesome and supportive, and sent me a black SpiBelt to give to my readers! (Thanks again!!)

The Rules

  • This blog is for a fundraiser, so you have to donate. However, the best part is that the "One Dollar Difference" campaign means what it says- you can donate as little as a dollar! You must go HERE and donate at least a dollar. When you do so, put your name (first name and last initial are totally fine, but include your city and state if you do so to keep things sorted out) and comment on here to say you did so. I will have a record of donations through emails sent automatically to me from the donation page.  For every dollar you donate, you get an entry in to the drawing!
  • AFTER you donate, make sure you LIKE the Facebook page Cowboys Against ALS  Every person who donates at least a dollar, and then likes the page, gets an additional entry! (If you already liked the page before your donation, that counts, too!)
  • After you like the page, SHARE the giveaway link on your own Facebook page! Those who donate at least a dollar, like the page, and share the link earn another entry!
    • For example, Billy Bob donates $25, likes the page, and shares on his Facebook. My new friend Billy would have 27 entries in the drawing!!

Let's do this! Every dollar DOES make a difference for this cause. The money stays here in Texas and goes directly to buying medical supplies for victims of ALS such as wheelchairs, walkers, and medicine.

Thanks to everyone who has donated and who will donate- we're almost halfway to the goal of $1,000!!

Winner will be announced on the Week 8 post on Sunday,  August 18, 2013! When I announce the winner on Facebook, you'll have to PM me with your address and I'll mail you your brand spankin' new SpiBelt!
You can find information on the prize HERE

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  1. Go, Jenny, Go! I'm happy to donate to such a good cause.