Monday, April 27, 2015

Peak Week!

       Ah, training plans. They have their (literal) ups and downs. For many training for IMTX, this past week was "Peak Week." That means most of us did our longest workouts of our plans. Mine included a 100 mile bike ride and 18 mile run. Well, it was supposed to!

       The week actually went really well M-F. I hit every workout, making good time and didn't feel too worn out. Saturday, long ride day, came, and it matched up with this year's Shiner GASP (the ride I did last year as my first ever century, and my fiance's first ever this year!) The day started stormy, but thankfully the clouds parted and the weather was beautiful. A little TOO beautiful.

        My friend and I rode at race pace for practice, but took time to stop at aid stations and fuel up since we needed water. However, I, like a dummy, forgot my sunscreen in my car, and there was none at the rest stops! So I finished the 100 mile ride at about a 16.7mph average, but I got cooked by the hot Texas sun. Fried. It's bad. My tan line on my hand is horrendous as well, so thank God we took our engagement pictures already!

      Sunburn isn't good, but most of the time is no big deal. However, when I woke up Sunday my shoulders and arms were still on fire and aching. No way in the world I was going outside to face more sunlight. 18 mile run= not happening. :| I'm a little stressed about this, but I did a 17 miler last weekend and felt great about my pace, and have done marathons before, so I'll just have to suck it up. This weekend is the Rookie Tri, the first of my Texas Tri Series appearances, so no time then, and thee following weekend is the weekend before the race (eek!), so there's no way I'm doing a super long run then. It is what it is!

       Kind of like poor Bryce's 100 mile ride. He didn't burn like me, but he did get 2 flats and a broken spoke, one being 2 miles from the finish that he couldn't repair because he was out of tubes. Welcome to cycling, baby! I felt awful that he didn't get to ride across the finish line, but perhaps that will motivate him to come back for a redemption ride. (Brand new tires are being ordered for BOTH of our bikes this week!)

My friend Katie found this picture, and I had to share:

I have most certainly noticed the moodiness, and germahobic is not normally me, but I SWEAR if our CEO comes coughing through my office one more time, I might start a coup. It is definitely getting hard to focus on anything but my excitement, and restlessness is on the regular. It gets to be such a habit to train that any days off- especially EXTRA days off like yesterday- drive me crazy! 

I had my first IM stress dream the other night. Thankfully, it was about stupid stuff. In it, they ran out of visors at the shop, so I filed a formal complaint against the WTC. I guess if that's my biggest worry, I must be doing all right!

Less than 3 weeks to go! It's getting real- we're having to make actual travel plans and everything!

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