Thursday, December 11, 2014

Indoor Cycling Trainers

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        All cyclists like to imagine we are the toughest of the tough, but with the days getting darker much earlier and frigid temperatures, sometimes we just have to go inside!

       If you don't already have one, a cycling trainer is a great way to maintain fitness during the winter months. However, like anything in the endurance industry, there are of course tons of options! Which one is right for you?

      There are three main types of cycling trainers: magnetic, fluid, and computer/interactive.

Magnetic trainers: These trainers use opposing magnets in the "flywheel" (the spinning part of the trainer your back tire rests on) to create resistance. This resistance can be adjusted by manually turning the knob in the back, or one some models, by using a handlebar-mounted remote. These trainers are durable, sturdy, and reliable, but often louder than other models and do not offer a "road-like" feel according to many users.

Fluid trainers: Fluid trainers use fluid in the flywheel rather than magnets. They have the same benefits of magnetic trainers, plus they are typically much quieter and have a more road-like fee. This is due to the fact that, much like a rowing machine, the harder you pedal, the more resistance you experience. This progressive resistance allows the experience to feel more like making forward progress on a road.

Computer trainers: These interactive trainers run on a computerized flywheel that often syncs with a TV or computer and allows users to track multiple forms of data, and often includes the ability to "ride courses" by following along with the computer module.

I personally have a magnetic trainer that my mom gave me. It's sturdy and works well, but it is definitely loud and I have to get off of the bike to change the resistance. I am looking in to a fluid trainer- maybe an after-Christmas present to myself? :) 

Whatever you choose, you'll have no excuse to let your cycling fitn
Whatever you choose, you'll have no excuse to let your cycling fitness fade during the winter months! There are tons of options out there, so trusted equipment reviewer DC Rainmaker may be a good place to start your research. 
My bike on my current magnetic trainer.

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