Monday, November 17, 2014

Showing My Moxie- Moxie Cycling Jersey Review

        I do reviews on here from time to time, and just like in the past, this review is not sponsored. Moxie hasn't paid me or given me anything free, so this is just my opinion for anyone who is looking at these jerseys!

      Although I didn't get paid, I DID win an amazing $250 shopping spree from Moxie thanks to the eSprit de She video contest! That's a ton of mooh-lah for a cyclist, because clothes can really add up! I got my gift card in the mail shortly after finding out I had won and I'll be honest, I already had a digital shopping cart full of items ready to go!

      One thing I will say about Moxie's jerseys is that the sizing is something you just tinker with until you get it right. I knew this ahead of time from last year's eSprit event, but just in case, I went to a local bike shop that carries their products and tried a few on. So, for reference, I am 5'8" tall and about 150lbs. I have broad shoulders and smaller breasts. In Moxie, I wear a Medium. 

      With my gift card, my eSprit coupon code, and just a little extra cash, I was able to get all of this! 

Items Ordered:Price:Status:

    I'll try to cover each type of item (obviously the T-back jerseys are all the same, just different colors!) but unfortunately I don't have pictures in everything. 

The Harriet is a literal winner- 2nd place Age Group!
    First, I'll talk about the Tee Shirt Jerseys, of which I got the Harriet. I wore the Harriet for the eSprit de She Dallas Duathlon and was pleasantly surprised. The material is clingy without being super tight, and is moisture wicking and breathable. I was a bit worried about the sleeves before my race started. The stitching is kind of thick and I have a tendency to chafe under my biceps. However, despite being able to feel the stitching, I didn't have any rubbing issues, and it was definitely warm that day!
      I really like that even though it's a tee shirt jersey, it still has all the awesome pockets in the back. I do wish it had the built-in bra, just to help cut down on laundry, but most cycling jerseys don't so that's OK. 

The Harriet in motion- running one of my fastest race run splits ever! 
           The jersey is obviously made for cycling, but if you're a multi-sport athlete, you'll be glad to hear that it stays put on the run as well! Even without grippers on the bottom, all of my Moxie jerseys have worked great while running, saving the need for a fuel belt if you're running a longer race. They're all long enough that tri or cycling shorts pair with them perfectly to offer full coverage and you don't have to worry about showing everyone your back tattoos. ;) 

       Next, the T-Back jerseys, which are either a sweetheart neckline or more of a scoop neckline. I don't have any pictures in the Tubman, which is sad because it's my favorite out of the whole lot, but here is the Barton!   Below is a copy of my review I posted on the Moxie website: 

My boyfriend isn't the best phone photographer, but he's helpful!
"These jerseys are great. The Barton is more orange and less coral with the purple, but I still like it. I wish it was just a tad longer, but my cycling shorts make it so that it doesn't ride up too high. You can fit your whole forearm in the zipper pocket- lots of room for stuff! The shelf bra is great (I have a 36B chest, so I can't speak for anything bigger) and I like the pads that go in there. They are comfortable, but can get a little hot, so probably not the best for dead heat of the summer. Anything else is perfect weather though! They also don't ride up when you run in them, which is an added bonus."

 I have worn these cycling and love them. I am not a big fan of jerseys with sleeves, because 1. I live in Texas. It's hot. All the time.
2. I have broad shoulders. I like being able to move.
3. Tan lines. Duh.

These have gone with me on 60-70 mile rides and they rock. The pockets are so roomy, you can carry all the nutrition and odds and ends you'd ever need. You can see in the picture that my whole forearm fits inside the large zippered jersey pocket. That makes it big enough to carry your jacket or bolero when you warm up after a chilly start. It'll stuff neatly in to there, leaving the three top pockets open for food and your phone!

 Next, the Merino Wool Jerseys. I got the sleeveless one and it's definitely almost my favorite! (I just love the pattern on the Tubman!)
     It is SO SOFT and comfortable! It looks a little weird on my upper half, which means I probably could have actually ordered a small. The wool products definitely run a little bigger than the dri-fit jerseys. However, it wasn't enough of an issue that I felt like returning it, as I can easily shrink it to just right by carefully drying it on a low setting. (This is do at your own risk- don't try to shrink wool unless you know what you're doing!) 
    I took this one on a brick workout, a 23 mile bike and a 2 mile run, and it was great. It's (obviously) made for cooler weather, so I'll have to save it for the spring and store it for the summer, but I love the color and the fit. It's plenty long and cozy. All the jerseys are really well made and seem like they'll last a long time, as well, which is important since they're not cheap! 
     Second to last is my Merino Wool Bolero. I am so excited for this! It's not that cold in Texas often, but on a windy bike ride, you definitely want a full layer. However, long-sleeved jerseys are expensive, and a bolero means you can extend your wardrobe's usefulness by making any jersey long sleeved!
Taken on a backpacking trip- multi-tasking my Moxie!
      This one definitely runs large! I got a large because I thought, with layering under it, I might want to size up. Well, that wasn't necessary. I'm keeping it though because the grey is sold out and I'd rather have the color I want. I DID successfully shrink it to the perfect size, so all is well. 
    The thumb holes are perfect- loose and wide enough they don't cut in to your hands. Below is my review from the site:

        "The bolero is really nice! The material is comfortable- feels breathable but still warm. The thumb holes and pocket are great. The sleeves are long- even for my long arms, but I think when it comes to riding that'll kind of even out. The only thing I wish it had was an actual clasp to close it instead of just the bungees to tighten it."
Overall, I really like it, and for the price of just 1 long-sleeve jersey, I can now wear any jersey during chillier rides!
     Last but not least, my reversible headband!  I took this one running as well, and it's definitely not no-slip, but stayed better than I thought on my giant head. It's really pretty, comfortable, and definitely stays under a bike helmet to help keep your fly-aways under control. I'm glad I stuck it in my cart! My cutie-pie border collie modeled it with me. 

         Overall I am definitely a fan of the Moxie line! I haven't been disappointed with anything from them, and I've tried all of their different products except the skirts! I have seen on Facebook the jerseys we'll get for next year's eSprit races and they're so dang cute, I really just won't be able to resist signing up again!

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