Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mercy Project Garage Sale Day

Here is the flyer I used to advertise for the sale. Feel free to use it for yours, team!

   Today my boyfriend were up before dawn getting ready for my big fundraising push for the Mercy Project team fundraising goal. Over the past couple of months, I've recruited friends and family to fill my office with things they'd be giving away anyhow and had enough for a pretty decent sale today. 

        We got up and headed to the shop Bryce works at around 6am this morning, unloading the truck in the front and sorting things out. Bryce used the forklift to bring out several big tables and shelves for me to display our wares, and we ended up with a pretty nice setup! We had home decor, kitchen items, clothes, shoes, hats, belts, toys, and a ton of DVDs, CDs, and even some spectacular VHS tapes. 

         Business was a little slow at first, and I was so scared no one was going to come. I advertised on Craigslist and local Facebook buy/sell/trade groups, but you just never know. Then, the pickers started appearing! Most people were a little confused that nothing had a price tag on it, so I learned quickly that when people seemed unsure after being told it was all donation-based, to just go ahead and make up a price for them. It wasn't anyone being stingy, I think they just didn't want to feel like they were ripping off a charity by offering too low.
          We stayed from 7am-noon and although we still had a bit of stuff left, we got rid of a majority of our spread. I boxed up the remaining movies and books and took them to Half Price Books. I also kept two crock pots and a sound system that I think I can sell on Craigslist. Everything else we took to the Children's Home trailer down the street and donated it, so it was still for charity, even if not the one I wanted it for. 
          I, of course, had to continue my contest, so I had two jars set out- One for the Longhorns and One for the Aggies. Here are the final results!!

      I am over half-way to my goal ! Woo hoo! Aggies are going to have to step it up. I know I have a lot of Aggie friends, they're just not appearing yet. I threw in a couple of my own dollars as well, because my friend who donated books had a couple in her collection I really wanted to read first. I'll sell them again later! :)
       This cash will be going to the bank Monday and then donated through my pledge page. The above total also includes the $75 I already have raised, so for the garage sale, the total was $190. That is like, $3,000 in garage sale money- not a shabby day at all! Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Don't forget about my fundraiser contest for Team Mercy Project!

     To donate, visit my Pledge Page and pledge! After you donate, make sure you make a comment on any blog post, either today's or future posts during the contest, saying "Hook 'em, Horns!" or "Gig 'em, Ags!" with your name and your donation will be added to the tally. Longhorns are in the lead so far! I'll be updating every week to keep track! Let's do this! I will also have labeled jars on site at other events I host, and those will count too, so come visit me at my yard sale if you want!

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