Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Some Friendly Competiton

      Whew- it's been a while, but there has been a lot going on in my house! I got a new job, which required a lot of adjustments (but has been very rewarding so far!) and have been out of town nearly every weekend for out of state weddings!

      With my 70.3 coming up THIS WEEKEND (eek!) as well as the eSprit Austin cycle tour, my fundraising and training for those events is winding down. However, since fundraising is something I enjoy doing so much I literally just made it my professional career (holler, nonprofit development!) I of course have another coming down the pipes!
      I signed up for the BCS Marathon as a part of Team Mercy Project, and will be talking about the mission of this awesome project more in the coming weeks. In short, they are a great group out of College Station, TX that works to end child slavery in Ghana fishing villages.

      In order to race with the team, I need to raise $500 for them by December 14! That's, amazingly, only 14 weeks away!

       I have a few ideas for on-the-ground fundraising, including a massive yard sale and bake sale. However, since I'm here and blogging again finally, of course I'll have to set up a friendly competition to kick-start things. Also, it's football season again, so there is no better time!

      I am a Texas Longhorn through and through. I went to UT for school, and was in the Longhorn Band. I also have managed to gather up a lot of Aggie friends over the years. For those of you who don't know, The Longhorns and Aggies have been rivals for decades. It's mostly good-natured, at least between my friends and I, but it's also a big source of competition, so of course I want to exploit a little bit of our instinctual competitive nature for a good cause!

     On my site, I am going to be running a tally of donations! The team who raises the most money by the end of my fundraiser will be the victor. Prizes include bragging rights and high fives, because I don't have anything else to give out yet, but you never know!

     To donate, visit my Pledge Page and pledge! After you donate, make sure you make a comment on any blog post, either today's or future posts during the contest, saying "Hook 'em, Horns!" or "Gig 'em, Ags!" with your name and your donation will be added to the tally. Longhorns are in the lead so far! I'll be updating every week to keep track! Let's do this! I will also have labeled jars on site at other events I host, and those will count too, so come visit me at my yard sale if you want!

     Of course, this is all pending making it through the Onalaska 70.3 this weekend immediately following my 30-mile ride with the awesome ladies at the eSprit ride. Wish me luck- a race report will be coming next week!

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