Tuesday, July 1, 2014

WHOOHA Gear Gets Women Moving

Taking a look at my new favorite shirt store, WHOOHA Gear!

       Here at Cowgirls Tri, I am always looking for companies and people who are doing something to promote women getting involved in a healthy and active lifestyle. As I've lamented before, women are often ignored, or even actively discouraged from endurance sports (except tris, woot woot!) and so it is always a great surprise when I come across people trying to change that. 
           Enter WHOOHA.Gear! WHOOHA, or "Women Having Optimistic Objectives and Healthy Attitudes," is a clothing company that promotes fitness of all kinds for women, and more especially, community among fit women of all skill levels. 

From their website: "We are two women who have been friends for many years. Over these years - through relationships, loss, raising families (canine and/or human), sports, activities and more - we have become an inspiration to each other as well as to ourselves. We have learned that this inspiration greatly affects our outlook on life. This outlook includes having optimistic objectives and a healthy attitude and it quickly became apparent to us that it is one of the most important attributes to a happy life.

Therefore, we want to spread the message! And that is what WHOOHA strives to do. It's goal is to inspire women to inspire each other and themselves. After all, it is this inspiration that helps to create...WOMEN HAVING OPTIMISTIC OBJECTIVES & HEALTHY ATTITUDES.

And that my friend is 'what is in our NAME!'


Until Next Time,

Julie & Amy"

    The part I love the best is their slogan, which is printed on the back of their clothing- "Play Hard, Take Chances, Keep Smilin'." What a great motto! I have written before about the need to remember why we do this hobby- for fun and health- and although with competition among ourselves and with ourselves, it boils down to doing things we enjoy and sharing those things with the ones we love in hopes they will share your passion for a healthy, happy lifestyle.

     The shirts and accessories on the site are broken down by sport- running, cycling,  
Full view of the shirt on the front- the word is spelled out in chain links!
triathlon, etc. and also includes shirts with inspirational messages on them. I happened to email them just to share my story and let them know I thought their products were adorable, and they sent me a t shirt to review! I had my pick of the litter, which was a hard choice, but my favorite ended up being the "Ride Slub Tee."

I picked this one because:

1. It's pink (duh!)
2. It was a fitted t shirt that looked nice and light
3. It had an adorable design on the front, and got even cuter on the back!

      The only issue we ran in to was being unsure on size. I am one of those women who is tall and have an "athletic" build- meaning I'm not super skinny, but smaller in the chest and broader in the shoulders. Every time I select my race shirt size, it's a pickle whether or not to pick a medium or a large. I asked for a large just in case. It ended up being too big (yay!) and Julie very kindly and quickly sent me a medium, even including a return envelope for the wrong sized one to be sent back. I got my medium in yesterday and immediately grabbed Bryce for a fashion show to take some pictures. (I had to model with my new bike, too, of course!)

     The shirt itself is so cute! The pictures don't do it justice. 

Things I love about it:
1. The color is bright without being too sorority neon.
2. The decal on the front and shoulder are so cute. 
3. The great part is that the shirts are pre-shrunk, so you don't have to worry about it getting to tight once you pick your perfect size. 
4. The medium fits me nicely up top without being too tight around the waist, and is plenty long. I hate when my belly button hangs out when I raise my arms- this is not the 90s! No problems like that here.
5. The shirt is a nice quality that will last through washes. The decals aren't going to wear off and the seams are nice and firm.

Look at that adorable heart!

My heart beats its happiest when I swim, bike, run!
    The best part of the whole experience was definitely working with the ladies behind the company. They are so nice and friendly. I love supporting women in business as well as women in sports, so this works out  in a lot of ways.  I have a few more that I love, so I'm thinking I'll be back to buy some winter gear as well! (Never have enough!) This is the next one on my list: The Heartbeat Long Sleeve Thermal.

Of course, I wouldn't have a post like this without having something fun to pass along to readers! If you like what you see on their website, you can enjoy 10% off your order with the discount code "INSPIRE."

If you order anything, let me know what you think! I know you won't be disappointed! I can't wait to wear my shirt the next time I'm out with my cycling friends! Happy shopping!

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