Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Toy- TomTom Multi-sport Watch

          I used to be the type of person who didn't want a running watch or a bike computer. It seemed like too much technology mucking up my experience, and doing the math to determine my pace gave me something to think about. However, over the last year, I have quickly grown tired of being "that girl" who is always asking, "How far have we gone?" (More especially, "how far do we have left??") or "What's our pace?" I also got tired of having to pull me phone out dramatically from my fuel belt and have it in hand and ready to push stop on my MapMyFitness app, rather than be able to pause, stop, and go as needed. It was skewing my final results on training runs and not allowing me an accurate picture of my progress.
The watch comes in several colors if you don't like pink!

Thus the search began, and I decided on the TomTom MultiSport Watch in pink. It retailed for $200, but you could swim, bike, and run with it, and it synced with MapMyFitness. I had found my new fitness toy!

I got this watch brand new on a stellar deal on eBay (Best offer of $100- yeaaaaaa) and am really happy with it.

Here is my review!

Fit- comfortable to clunky. I think the watch itself is lightweight and fits my wrist nicely, but the strap is way too long. I am 5'8", female, and 150lbs and I have to cinch it up to the 4th to last hole and have a long strap hanging off. The ring that holds it down slides a bit, but doesn't move while I'm running so it's not that big of a deal. I may just trim it. The best part is that the watch face pops right out and fits in to a bike mount that comes with it, so transitioning between sports is a breeze and there aren't extra accessories you have to buy.

Function- I really like all of the features. When you first get it, you have to hook it to your computer and download the TomTom software, which takes just a couple of minutes. My favorite things are the racing options- you can race yourself on previous times, or you can pick a pre-set race goal, such as a 13.1 in 2hrs, which happens to by my new PR goal! You can then switch back and forth between seeing your race progress and the normal metrics display, which is nice. You can very easily pause and continue your workout.

Some of the training options. Mine doesn't have a heart rate monitor hooked up though. 

Usability- I think it is very user friendly. It doesn't come with a user manual except about a 2 page quick start guide, and I never felt at a loss. Once you get to play with it for a few minutes, it's really easy to figure out how to use, even how to customize the display features so that you have the three metrics you want most displaying. I have never had to wait more than like 30 seconds for the GPS to connect, and I live/train in the more remote areas of Central Texas. Once the GPS is locked, I have never lost signal. The battery also lasts for quite some time- seemingly infinitely when worn as just a standard watch, and so far up to 9 hours when used for training. Syncing your workout to your training apps is easy- just mount the face on the charger and it will automatically update!

I don't have a screenshot of my stats on this computer, but here are the features!
Software- The software is easy to download from the link provided in the packaging. It automatically updates your watch and uploads your workout information to your computer. From the first time, it fixed the initial problems of not having yards instead of meters in the swim feature and not having the quick GPS. I synced it with my MapMyFitness Account, but honestly, I like the TomTom site more almost. It provides your pace, time, calories, and also a map, and elevation and pace charts. It's really useful and cool to see!

The ONLY problem I've had is that it's not as durable as it says. My very first day I had it, I dropped it less than 2 feet while sitting in my desk chair on to my tile floor and cracked two little pieces of glass off the very edge of the screen. Thankfully, this didn't break the waterproof seal and it still works, but for a watch that is supposed to be made for rugged, outdoor use (as it advertises) this was pretty disappointing.

An example of TomTom's fitness app on the computer- lots of great information!

Overall, I love it. You aren't really going to find a multi-sport watch with as many features for this kind of price, especially if you get an even better deal than Amazon. Endurance sports are all about competing with yourself to get faster and stronger, and I really think this will help me get focused and improve. Ironman TX 2015, here I come!

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