Monday, January 13, 2014

The Music that Moves You

        Although those of us that participate in Triathlons are well aware that music is not allowed on course, any runner or racer will tell you that listening to music while training helps immensely to keep boredom and thoughts of quitting at bay. Due to this, there are endless posts out there about running play lists and workout songs that help you push through it, so this week's post will be a round-up of a few of my favorites to pound pavement with!

Before I did the my 70.3- this is so true! Thanks to spectators for providing music and motivation when we couldn't bring our own!

          There are a ton of play lists out there you can look up, like this one , which has 100 songs for working out. Pandora also has workout stations, which is great to get some variety and discover new music. The only thing that annoys me when using Pandora is that when you've got your phone tucked away in your belt or bike jersey, you have to fish it out after a couple of hours to confirm you are still listening, which can really throw you off when you're focusing on not falling over and dying.

          Below is a short list of some of my favorite songs to run to! I listen to mostly Hip Hop, because it's easier to pretend I'm dancing the night away rather than that I have miles to go. However, I listen to a lot of different stuff and want there to be something for everyone, so this list is a little eclectic! Enjoy!

1. Girlfight, Brooke Valentine:

This song is from forever ago, but it still gets me pumped up in the, "I'm in High School and have my belly button pierced so I'm super cool," kind of way it did back then.

2. No Doubt, Casey Donahew Band

Great beat by a great band, it'll pick up your mood for sure.

3. All I Do is Win, DJ Khaled

Naturally. Hitting a wall? Play this, and you'll bust right through it.

4.Points of Authority/99 Problems, Jay-Z and Linkin Park

Throw back again, but this whole album is pretty awesome.

5. Blow, KeSha

I have no shame in saying that I. Love. Ke$ha. Glitter 4lyfe.

6. Got Money, Lil Wayne

Because bi*** I'm the bomb like tick, tick.

7. Tornado, Little Big Town

I'm always a fan of a good cheating revenge song, and this one has a great tempo for running.

8. Tainted Love, Marilyn Manson

Again, a great tempo for long slow distance, and just makes you feel like rocking out.

9. Pride and Joy, Stevie Ray Vaughan

Surprisingly, any good blues song will get you set in a rhythm for the long run. SRV is simply the best example because he's the king.

10. I'm Shipping Up to Boston, Dropkick Murphys

For some reason this is the ring tone that plays when I call my brother. But if you're charging up a hill and ready to kick butt, this one will help.

Hope you enjoy! What are your favorite work out songs?

This blog is following my training as I get ready for the Athleta eSpirit de She event season. Two events happen in Texas, the Duathlon in Dallas and the Cycle Tour in Austin. I'll be doing both, and you should do at least one!

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