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My 2014 Race Calendar

            Now that finances have settled down after the holidays, I have finally been able to sit down and make a plan for my race participation in 2014. There are a few I wanted to do again that unfortunately I'll be out of town for, so it looks like this year will be entirely new experiences for me, which I'm very excited about!

            It's definitely time to get busy! I am officially on the website as an Ambassador and absolutely look forward to inspiring my fellow endurance sports lovers and women in general to get active and healthy in 2014.

             Racing has given me so much over the past year- new experiences, new confidence, and a real grasp on just how much I can achieve if I decide to look past my anxiety and just go for it. This time last year, 13 miles seemed crazy, and now, it's a regular thing, not even a "long run" to me anymore! I started from scratch, plugging out 1.2 miles along the road by my house, and have trained myself, mind and body, to overcome so much. Last weekend, my friend and I did our 22 mile long run- the longest we will have before the marathon in a few weeks- and I was dying, from a mix of heat and bad diet choices the day before. However, I finished, and I'm so excited to be crossing new kinds of finish lines this year, and hope you'll join me and cheer yourself and everyone else on as they reach their goals!


Taken from the eSprit de She website- there are a ton more here!

Races that I'm Definitely Doing
        These are races that I have signed up for, or will definitely sign up for come pay day! (The one negative about triathlons and races- they're not generally cheap, but they're still worth it!)

Austin Marathon- February 16, 2014. This is going to be my first full marathon ever! I am really excited to get this over with. It's a major step toward preparing for the full Ironman, and something I never thought I'd do before. Also, the medals have Willie Nelson on them, so it's pretty much destiny that I do this.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 5k- March 23, 2014. I normally don't pay to do 5ks because running 3 miles is something I have to do every day, but a girlfriend of mine is doing this and we're going to make a girl's weekend out of it. Plus, chocolate fountains. No other explanations needed.

Enchanted Rock Extreme Duathlon- March 30, 2014. This is going to be really cool. It takes place at the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area which is one of my favorite parks in Texas. It is a 5 mile trail run around the base of the mountain, a 20+ mile bike ride, and then the kicker is the 1.2 mile run straight up the side of the mountain! That may not sound like much in Texas, but I've hiked it many times, and it's not Everest, but it sure isn't easy. Their rules are simple, "No whining!"


Texas Wine Series, Fredericksburg- April 27, 2014. My friend is getting in to to shape for her wedding and wanted to jump start it with a fun race. This is a series I wish we could do all 3 of, but alas, only this fit our schedule. It's through Becker Vineyards in Fredericksburg, and includes a medal, t shirt, wine glass, and fancy after party with wine, and the course is through the scenic vines and countryside. Should be a great time!

Shiner GASP- May 3, 2014. I've wanted to do this forever, and am finally to the point where I am ready to try my first century ride. This one leaves from Austin and goes to Shiner, TX, home of my favorite beer! It ends at the brewery with a party, and then they bus you back, or friends can give you a ride back. I'm hoping a beer party convinces my boyfriend to drive down and meet me, because it's going to be a great time.

Lake Pflugerville Tri- June 15, 2014. I missed this one last year due to work and am looking forward to it. It's at the lake I practice open water swimming in already, so I'm perfectly comfortable with the course. Close to home, inexpensive, and a good practice race!

Athleta Austin Ride- September 13, 2014. One of the reasons this blog is still going is because of the eSprit de She series I ambassador for! I am a "Founding Finisher" for this ride because I did it during its first year last season, and it's a fun event! There isn't a medal, because it's not a race, but it's a fun group of women of all skill levels who get out and enjoy some beautiful Hill Country scenery on rides of many different distances, and then comes the best part: Mimosa bar, hair braiding, manicures, massages, and yummy food! The Moxie jersey that comes with it is really awesome and high quality- a great plus since cycling clothes are so expensive, you basically pay for a good jersey and get to ride for free!

Onalaska Half IM- September 14, 2014. This is the day after the Athleta ride, but that's all right. It is next door to my home town of Livingston, which is great because my parents couldn't come watch me at my first Half Ironman because of my dad's cancer treatments. I'm a bit iffy about swimming in the lake since I'm well aware of the alligator population, but I'll get over it. It's also MUCH cheaper than an Ironman brand event- only $10 more than the much shorter Tri Rock Austin! I definitely wanted to have another half distance race under my belt before doing the full, and this will kick-start my training, which has to start in October, right when I'll have enough saved to register for Ironman Texas!

Athleta Dallas Duathlon- October 26, 2014. I have not done this one before, but since I was so enthusiastic as an Ambassador, they let me sign up for it as well! The medal is super cute, bonus jersey and tank top, and it's close to my boyfriend's family, so they can come watch and see what it's all about. Double mimosa bar!

BCS Marathon- December- 14, 2014. I also want to have more than one marathon under my belt before next May, so I'm running this with my friends in College Station, Texas. From what I've heard from several people, this is a really awesome, well supported race that is well worth the low registration fee.

Races I hope I'm Doing or Wish I Could Do
        I don't want to drain my bank account, but I want to have more racing experience under my belt before I buckle down and train for the Ironman Texas in May 2015. (I already have  a special savings account just for this going. I need to be prepared for the $600 registration fee!)                            

Texas Gran Fondo-  April 5, 2014. This is the inaugural year for this event, and it looks wonderful! (There is even a medal, which is not common with cycling-only events!) I really wish I could do this one, but I work that day, and even if I could take the day off, it's just too much money all at once after registering for other races around it. This one is on the calendar for next year, though!

Rockin R Tubin Triathlon-  May 18, 2014. This one takes place in my favorite spot in Texas- New Braunfels. It's a beautiful place with awesome spring-fed rivers, and this race goes right through it. My running girlfriends and I discussed doing the relay, which would be a blast, but if not, I'm thinking of making this my birthday present to myself, because my birthday is the Friday before, but we'll see! There is also a kayak race option for this, which would be a blast if I still had a kayak.

Gator Bait Tri- June 21, 2014. I've heard that this one is really fun from other triathletes I've talked to during races. Boerne is kind of far away though, so that adds some substantial cost to going, but it's a consideration. Redemption Racing puts on some fun events, so I'm always willing to check their things out.

Tri Waco-  July 27, 2014. A good price, close to home, and a good distance. This one looks like a good bet, it'll just depend on how

Tri Rock Austin- September 1, 2014. This one is a huge race that draws hundreds and hundreds of people. It's super cool because it's done all through downtown Austin on routes that I have run and biked during other races before. However, the swim is in Lady Bird Lake, and as a former park ranger for the city, I can say with certainty that I'm a little icked out about what I've seen go in there. The other bummer is that it's on a holiday Monday, so I think we may be out of town. It's also an expensive race! The Onalaska Half Ironman distance race is only $10 more, which means that one wins. Maybe in 2015!

Wurst Tri Ever-  September 6, 2014. This one is a little short for my training needs, but the swim start is down a water slide, so that might make it worth it!

Livestrong Challenge- This is happening again on October 19th this year, and it was a ton of fun last yera. I did it on my own on a whim because there was a Groupon for it, and had a great time. I did the 65 mile route the week before my half Ironman and got super pumped because I finished with a good time, felt great, and enjoyed knowing I was helping cancer research and support, a cause close to my heart because of my dad.

Spirit Ride- This happened last year on November 16, and will hopefully come around again. It's in my home town, which is fun because growing up things like this didn't happen. It also benefits a great cause, so I'd be glad to have an excuse to go home and ride my old run-arounds.

HITS Running Festival- This was done last year at the F1 track in Austin on December 14 and seemed fun. If they bring it back again this year, I want to check it out. I'd love to do the sprint duathlon. It may conflict with the BCS Marathon I'm doing with friends though, and they trump my desire to race on a race track.

This blog is following my training as I get ready for the Athleta esprit de She event season. Three events happen in Texas, the Duathlon in Dallas, the Katy 5k & 10k, and the Cycle Tour in Austin. I'll be doing Austin and Dallas, come join the fun!

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