Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week 9

Week 9: Mon- 1,250yd swim, 25 mile bike
Tue- 2,000yd swim, 6 mile run
Wed- 30 mile bike
Thu- 1500 yard swim, 5 mile run
Fri-20 mile bike
Sat- 8 mile run
Sun- 50 mile bike
Total: 146 miles
Total mileage so far: 924. Equal to driving from Austin through Colorado Springs, CO!

                What a week! I got some great support for the fundraiser during the last two weeks of this giveaway, and want to first tell every single person that's gotten me closer to my goal THANK YOU for your support! Every dollar collected means so much to so many people. 

                With that, and a little druuuuum roooooolllllll......the winner of the brand new, very awesome SPIBelt issssss.........

Kalena B.!

                  Kalena, congratulations! If you could message me your address, I'll mail you your SPIbelt this week. Enjoy it! That's it for this week's post- I need a nap after that 50 mile ride. Keep reading though- there's another giveaway, just around the corner!

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