Friday, July 12, 2013

Weeks 1-3

      So my training for the Austin Half Ironman started three weeks ago. I found an 18 week training plan on that you can find HERE that seemed easy to follow- intense enough to push me, but not so insane that I get burnt out and give up. Readers, please keep in mind that this is my first time! I have to date completed 2 half marathons and 1 sprint triathlon that actually ended up being a duathlon because the swim got rained out. Therefore, I offer no expert advice. Instead, everything I write, review, and discuss will come from the point of view of a novice. I am someone who is trying new things and exploring new products and methods that work for me. If you think it's helpful or want to try them too, please do! I am an honest, frugal person who looks for the best deal and tries not to get swept up in the marketing hype of racing products. My goal is to accomplish something new, something that I think is a worthy goal, and to bring attention to a good cause along the way.

        The training involves 6-7 days a week, and 1, or most of the time, 2 workouts a day- either a swim, bike, or run. It is designed to be one workout in the AM and one in the PM, but because of my job and not really wanting to be sweaty and have to shower and change twice a day, I have been doing them as brick workouts instead. When I sat down and added up the miles I thought - whoa! I could swim/bike/run my way back to the most beautiful place I've ever been after all this, Cody, WY.

     That revelation gave me the connection I needed to tie in my desire to fund raise for Chuck's memory with the desire to achieve these personal goals. I aim to blog at least once a week about my training, and include the insight I develop. Each week, I will include an updated mileage count and map to show my progress.

     When I drove to Wyoming in 2009, I avoided Oklahoma on purpose and took the slightly longer route through Denver. It was a total of about 1400 miles- almost half of them in Texas!  My first three weeks have been as follows. (Note: for simplicity, I consider every 2,000 yard swim to equal a mile. I know it's not exact. I do not care.)

Week 1: Mon- 1,000yd swim, 20 mile bike
              Tue- 1,000yd swim, 4 mile run
              Wed- 20 mile bike
              Thu- 1000 yard swim, 3 mile run
              Fri- off
              Sat- 5 mile run
              Sun- 25 mile bike
Total: 87.5 miles

Week 2: Mon- 1,000yd swim, 20 mile bike
              Tue- 1,250yd swim, 4.5 mile run
              Wed- 25 mile bike
              Thu- 1000 yard swim, 3.5 mile run
              Fri- off
              Sat- 5.5 mile run
              Sun- 30 mile bike
Total: 90 miles

Week 3: Mon- 1,000yd swim, 20 mile bike
              Tue- 1,250yd swim, 4.5 mile run
              Wed- 25 mile bike
              Thu- 1250 yard swim, 4 mile run
              Fri- off
              Sat- 6 mile run
              Sun- 35 mile bike
Total: 96 miles

Total mileage so far: 273.5. Equal to driving from Austin to Sweet Water, TX


 That's a pretty big chunk of the Lone Star State so far! Next week, I'll cover the equipment I'm using and talk about my personal experiences with Chuck. I only knew him for a short while, so my introduction to the man will be personal, heartfelt, but will also only scratch the surface. Thanks for reading, please follow along as I keep going- through the HEAT of the Texas summer, no less! ( Much. Sweat!)

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